Planning Your Additional Room

Whether you’re adding to your home due to a new baby or because you want that office you’ve always dreamed of, there are considerations to think about before getting started on your room addition. These points will help your project run more smoothly and may help save money on unneeded time and materials.

Make Sure Your Room Addition Goes How You Planned.

A Room Addition Not Only Adds Space but Can Also Add Value!

Property Space

The first decision to be made is the shape and style of your room addition. When property lines allow, most choose to build out onto their home, adding another roof on the ground floor. However, if your property is lacking a lot of extra space, you may consider adding your new room as an upper-level space. While this solution is typically more costly, it can eliminate property line challenges and many structural roadblocks.

Use of Space

Usually, by the time you decide to add to your home, you have a plan for the added space. However, ensure that your plan uses all the space allowed in order to keep costs down as much as possible. Having your room addition plans reviewed by an architect can provide structural reassurance as well as new ideas for space usage.

Budget Constraints

Nothing looks worse for your home than a half-finished room. Preplan your budget carefully, using professional guidance for pricing, labor costs, and extra fees that can accrue from permits, amendments, and other details. Consider parts of the job you can do on your own to save money, as well as steps that will require extra reinforcement or equipment.

Considering these three points before getting started on your additional room can help provide a solid foundation for the creation of your project. When you need an expert’s opinion, or to begin work on your space, call the Independent Construction experts at (570) 266-8208. We can provide the guidance and expertise you need to produce your dream space.

Roof Flashing And Its Importance to Your Home

There is a lot to know when it comes to learning about the different types of materials that go into constructing and creating your home’s roof. Some of the terminology it can be pretty tricky and confusing. Today lets take a look at roof flashing, what it is, whats it made of and what is its purpose and function in your home.

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is just a piece of metal material, usually aluminum or galvanized steel, that is used in the joints of roof construction to prevent water leaks and damage. Roof flashing can usually be found around the joint or connection areas of your roof such as around your roof and chimney. Roof flashing prevents water from seeping through your roof and causing fungus growth and water damage.

Roof Flashing Is a Vital Important Piece of Your Home’s Roofing System

As a homeowner it is important to know when your roofs flashing has become old, worn out and in need of repair. If you notice compromised flashing in your home’s roofing system contact our Independent Construction team. Broken, damaged, aged or worn out roof flashing is a common cause of water leaks, mold, and roof repairs. In homes that are older the roof may have cement or tar acting as the home’s flashing. When these substances break down as a homeowner you will need to schedule an inspection and maintenance appointment. If your flashing has aged beyond regular maintenance call (570) 266-8208 to talk to one of our experienced home professionals today.

Why Flashing Important?

Metal flashing will eventually need repair will require repair and maintenance. Metal flashing can begin to accumulate rust and corrosion  and if your home’s flashing has suffered rust your roof will become vulnerable to rainfall and storm damage.

If your home has a leak this can quickly cause deterioration in your roofing system. It is essentially important to make sure your roof’s flashing is installed correctly.  If a leak has happened to your home’s flashing, you must have it replaced as quickly as possible.

Call Independent Construction to Schedule an Appointment

If you are experiencing any issues with your home’s roof flashing in Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, and Nanticoke, PA, Make the call to our team at (570) 266-8208. Independent Construction is the number one source for roof flashing for the Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, and Nanticoke, PA community.




3 Considerations When Beginning a Home Addition

It can be very exciting to add a space to your home. The possibilities seem endless and the comfort level of your entire house seems to skyrocket. However, there are some things to think about to ensure that your room addition is everything you dream it will be. These steps will help your contractor know exactly what you want as well as keep your added space from getting out of hand.

We Offer Unbeatable Room Addition Services.

Adding a Room to Your Home is Exciting! Ensure You Have a Plan to Keep it in Check.

Know the Purpose of Your Space

Of course, by the time you decide to add a space to your home, you probably know exactly how it will be used. Now it’s time to think about exactly how you want the space to function. For instance, if your space will function as a game room or video room, window placement is crucial. Will this be a space to relax or re-energize? These questions can not only affect the decor, but also the shape and design of the room itself.

Create and Stick to a Budget

One of the most important factors of your room addition is your budget. Have a set in stone budget before you start planning to keep cost down. Consider details like paint, shelving, and flooring as well as the general construction for a more accurate plan. Try to complete some of the work yourself to save money, but remember to leave plumbing, electrical, and any other construction projects that you’re unsure of to the professionals.

Get the Most From Your Space

While you already know how your space will be used, with a little more planning, you could get even more from your space. Positioning and a little added thought can create even more benefits than you originally planned. Consider shifting your space to add more usable space to other areas. For example, shifting your added space by only a few feet can potentially add more closet space, added space to multiple rooms, or even another new space that you hadn’t considered before.

With a little planning, your room addition can be a fun and exciting project for everyone involved. If you have questions about the process of adding a room, or you’re ready to begin, call the Independent Construction experts at (570) 266-8208 to schedule your consultation.

Roof Inspection: Do You Really Need One Every Year?

The answer to this question is yes. Although no one is actually making you have a roof inspection once a year, it should still be something that you make a priority. Think of a roof inspection like a doctors appointment. You don’t always go just when you are sick, but sometimes just for a checkup to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to be. That is what a roof inspection is for, you hope they don’t find anything wrong, but if they do, you will have caught it before it turned into something bigger. There are many reasons why a roof inspection is important as well.


Roof Inspection

Peace of Mind – When you know that your roof is up to date and has no problems, you will feel so much better and be able to have more peace of mind with one less thing on a to-do list. Having a roof problem is troubling because they are usually expensive to fix if the problem is large.


Warranty – If you get a new roof, companies sometimes offer a warranty on it. The stipulation though, is that it usually needs to have a roof inspection done once a year. They do this so that your roof stays maintained and you do not have any large problems down the road. By doing this, you are preventing large problems like roof replacement or restoration from happening which can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you need to have a roof inspection done, our experienced roofers at Independent Construction can help you out right away. Just call (570) 266-8208 and we can get you scheduled for a time that works best for you.

What You Need To Know About Home Siding!


home siding

Does Your Home Have Damaged Siding?

Is the damage to your house’s siding becoming a worrisome problem for your family? Your siding defends the house from storms and it is necessary that you maintain it adequately. Siding for your home can be picked up in a wide range of materials and styles and provides many advantages for your family. Today we will go over how to detect signs of damage on your siding, and the benefits you can gain from new and improved siding.

Signs of Damage

If you’re not sure if you have siding damage, look for these symptoms.:

  • Aging is general one of the most common reasons for new siding installation, and it can generally be found through fading or warping of the siding panels.
  • Warped panels allow water into your home and you may have mold growing.
  • Water spots on your siding can indicate that there is water between the siding and the house that is dripping back out through the siding. Don’t overlook water stains, figure out where the water is located, and then call us.
  • Damaged caulking and screws in your siding may also be able to show you if there is an issue anywhere. If the nails are rusted or poking out, that can be a problem, and if the caulking or sealant has cracked or separated, you also may need repairs or replacement.

How Siding Protects Your Home

You can install siding in several unique materials, including vinyl, aluminum and cedar. Each style can benefit your residence by raising your residence’s energy efficiency, and shielding your house from the elements and harmful UV rays. You can pick from a range of colors as well, though the pastel colors will perform the best in warmer climates, in regards to energy efficiency.

If you need professional and cost-effective siding installation, get in touch with our experts today at 570-561-9445  to get started!

Stamped Concrete: Not Just for the Outdoors

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is a Great Material for Your Next Remodel.

Concrete is usually associated with sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Recent trends have brought concrete into several areas on the inside of the house as well. This is especially true for stamped concrete, which has a very elegant appearance. If you’re working on a remodel and are interested in using concrete on the inside of your home, Independent Construction is here to help. We provide a variety of concrete services that can improve the look of both interior and exterior of your home.

Indoor Concrete Trends

Concrete may not be your first thought when you are considering materials for your bathroom or kitchen remodel, but there are many applications in these two rooms that can make concrete a cost-effective and beautiful choice. Here are some of the current trends for using concrete inside your house.

Concrete Floors
Stamped concrete provides a strong, durable floor that is easy to clean and is resistant to most damage. With modern stamping options, your concrete floor can have the appearance of tile, wood or slate.

Concrete Countertops
The counter in your kitchen gets a lot of use and may experience significant wear and tear. If you want to install a durable, yet elegant countertop stamped concrete is an excellent choice.

Fire Places
Instead of building your fireplace hearth or mantle from wood or heavy stone, consider a stamped concrete hearth. You can get the appearance of stone or brick with more durability and greater fire resistance.

Whether you need to install concrete on the inside or outside of your home, Independent Construction is here for you. Give us a call at (570) 266-8208 to schedule an appointment for all your concrete needs.

Signs You Need a New Roof

New Roof

Missing Shingles and a Frequent Need for Repair Can Indicate the Necessity of a New Roof.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can count on anywhere of 15 to 30 years of service. The issue of maintenance creates this large variance between the lives of shingle roofs. A roof that has received proper care and service will achieve its maximum potential. Either way, you will eventually need to have a new roof installed. A few key signs can reveal when the time has come for your home or business.

Old Age

Simple old age can often dictate when a roof needs replacement. If your roof has surpassed 20 years, then its time to consider a new roof. Even old roofs that appear sound can have hidden issues that leave them vulnerable. When a major storm arrives, you will not want to trust your safety to a roof that could fail at any moment.

Frequent Repairs

If your roof seems to continually need repairs, it’s time for replacement. A roof that loses shingles on a regular basis can achieve an unattractive, patchwork appearance over time. Frequent repairs also suggest faulty installation or materials. Either way, you need dependability from your roof, not constant worry over its condition.

Gutter Granules

Shingles have a covering of small granules as protection against impacts and the sun. In the absence of these, your shingles will quickly dry out, and can sustain heavy damage from hailstorms or windblown debris. To determine whether your shingles have begun to shed their granules, simply check your gutters.

At Independent Construction, we provide services for a new roof in Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, and Nanticoke, PA. To learn more about us or schedule work, give us a call today at (570) 266-8208.

4 Reasons to Add a Deck

Deck Construction

Deck Construction is Comparatively Quick and Affordable

If you are looking to make a home upgrade before the end of the year, adding a deck should be at the top of your list. Independent Construction serves all of Pennsylvania and is happy to discuss a deck construction estimate for your home. If you are on the fence about the value of a deck for your PA home, you should consider these 4 reasons why it’s worth it:


There are many different options for home improvements. New bathrooms, new walls, new kitchens, etc. But building a deck is actually one of the more inexpensive home additions. Those of you on a budget, who still want to increase home value and comfort should absolutely consider a deck from Independent Construction.

Ease of Installation

With other renovations, you have to leave your home entirely. With deck construction, you can stay put while it’s being built. In addition, it is faster to complete than other projects, so you will reap the rewards of your new structure quicker than you might have anticipated.


Kitchen and bathroom renovations mostly enhance individual experience. With deck construction, you can enjoy a new home addition with multiple friends and family members. Decks are a great spot to host get-togethers in the spring, summer, and fall months. Impress your friends and neighbors and enhance your social life.

Property Value

Yes, the primary reason for a an addition is functionality and comfort, but ultimately you want it to add to resale value as well. After all, you don’t know where you’ll be in 5, 10, or 20 years from now. Decks most certainly add value to your home and give you a better chance of selling it for a higher price in the future. Call (570) 266-8208 to discuss your deck estimate in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

Cleaning Your Gutters of Debris Presents a Simple Way to Prolong Their Life.

Though most people ignore their gutters, the system fulfills an immensely important function for the home. The number one threat to your roof and foundation comes from water. Gutters help protect both of these areas from rainfall, which gets channeled away from the house through the downspout. To ensure that they continue to operate, you will need to perform periodic maintenance like cleaning the gutters of debris. If you notice any of the following signs, however, you will need more extensive gutter repair.


Gutters that have begun to leak can no longer fulfill their function at an optimal level. Some amount of water escapes to run down your fascia and the side of your home to the foundation. This will eventually cause the fascia board to rot, and can create foundation issues.

Sag and Separation

Too much debris can cause your gutters to sag, which makes it easier for water to escape. Age and excessive sagging can lead to actual separation from the house. Of course, gutters that become disconnected at various points cannot adequately channel water from the roof.

Ineffective Downspouts

Downspouts perform the most important function of the gutter system. Water passes through them and out, away from your home to prevent against the possibility of damage. Downspouts that no longer work properly need repair. This can occur through separation, or incorrect angling that causes the downspouts to deposit water too close to the house.

If you need gutter repair in Wilkes-Barre, PA or around the state, call (570) 266-8208 today. Independent Construction serves as the regional leader for all plumbing-related issues.

Three Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling

We can help both with the design and completion of your next bathroom remodel.

As one of the most trafficked areas of the home, bathrooms accumulate their fair share of wear. In fact, the bathroom stands as one of the areas most associated with outmoded decor and signs of disrepair. Bathroom renovations thus stand as a valuable, visible way to invest money into your house. As you consider your next set of projects, consider the following benefits of bathroom remodeling.

Feature Correction

We all have those elements of home decor that simply don’t work. They could appear as perpetually cracked tiles, a too-small bathtub, or lighting that doesn’t sufficiently brighten a room. A bathroom remodel gives you the opportunity to correct features that have become inconvenient or downright dangerous.

Increased Value

For many homeowners, the increased value of a home represents the top benefit of any remodel. The simple replacement of outdated elements with more energy efficient fixtures or appliances can itself increase the value of a home between $2,000 and $3,000. Bathroom remodels stand as a worthwhile return-on-investment, and also make it easier to sell a house.

More Space

Many bathrooms simply suffer from a general clutter of space. Too many cabinets and features become crammed into a small space, which feels even tinier when shared among family members. A remodel provides an opportunity to open up the room and make it more comfortable. With the help of a trained designer, homeowners can generally reclaim a significant portion of the bathroom as usable space.

Bathroom remodeling transcends trendiness and becomes a genuine necessity in many cases. If you ever plan to sell your home, remodel the bathroom now to enjoy the benefits for yourself. For any bathroom remodeling in Wilkes-Barre, PA, give Independent Construction a call today at (570) 266-8208.