Quality Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Roof Coatings

Our Industrial Roof Coatings Are Specially Formulated to Ensure Adequate Protection.

Industrial roof coatings provide an excellent alternative to roofing replacement. These remarkable coats repair damage, seal leaks, and grant around a decade of additional life to your roof. The kind of business you have in your industrial building will certainly play a part in the type of roof coating you require. Manufacturing facility roofs, for example, are prone to additional routine wear and tear, simply due to the many rooftop exhausts as well as vents that receive daily use.

For industrial buildings, specially designed industrial roof materials are used to ensure longevity, in addition to adequate defense from the elements. Industrial roof systems should be restored when they begin to show signs of age, but they’ll still need special industrial roof materials. The professional roofers at Independent Construction can help you with industrial roof coatings in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, so give us a call at (570) 266-8208 to get started!

Industrial Roof Coatings Services

Industrial Roof Coatings

Apartments and Other Housing Structures Can Also Benefit from an Industrial Coating.

Often times, clients ask us how industrial roof coatings are different from typical commercial roof coatings. In a nutshell, industrial roof coatings are made to be far more durable than common commercial roof coatings, simply due to the fact that industrial coatings are exposed to more potential harm. To handle this challenge, industrial roof coatings are crafted with stronger materials to improve resilience. We additionally make sure that these coatings are particularly flexible, so that they can adjust for all of the seams and protrusions from the rooftop. These extensions are all potential leaking points, so complete adhesion around those seams is vital. Industrial roof coatings are capable of providing a superior level of defense, in addition to an extended longevity for the roof system.

Aside from manufacturing and standard industrial facilities, our industrial coatings are suitable for use on:

  • Apartment Complexes & Multi-Family Housing
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Churches
  • Shopping Centers & Office Buildings

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

If you need the benefits of a newer industrial roof system, but you don’t want to buy an entirely new roof, an industrial roof coating may be the most effective option! Roof coatings easily adhere on top of your existing roof, which means you won’t have to pay to have the existing roof system taken off or hauled away to get the roofing protection you want. Our industrial roof coatings in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA are budget-friendly, efficient, and a smart option. Dial (570) 266-8208 to request an estimate from our roofers, or to get started.