Affordable Hotel & Apartment Roofing

Apartment Roofing

Regardless of the Scope of Your Needs, We’re the Expert Choice for Apartment Roofing.

There are many responsibilities included in managing a hotel or apartment facility. The roof, which often needs the most maintenance, is sometimes forgotten among the many other  requirements. Though it can vary based on your roofing material, all roofs have a finite lifespan. If the roofing for your apartment or hotel has gotten old, or exists on the edge of failure, trust Independent Construction with a new installation. We also offer full repair services, and exist as your local solution for apartment roofing.

From hotel roof installation, to apartment roof maintenance, Independent Construction has the services you need! We are specialists in our field, so if you require hotel and apartment roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, you can rely on our crew! We bring all the expertise of our commercial and industrial roofing specializations to bear on your multi-family housing structure. To ask questions about our hotel and apartment roof options, call our professionals now at (570) 266-8208!

Hotel and Apartment Roofing Repair

Apartment Roofing

Much Depends on the Condition of Your Apartment or Hotel Roof, so Trust Us with Repairs.

Large buildings that are utilized to house multiple families or individuals are exposed to unique challenges in regards to roofing and roof services. Wear and tear is common on these roof systems, since they generally have many appliances, such as HVAC units, stored on top of them. Our crew has tons of expertise providing services such as hotel roof maintenance and apartment roof repair, in addition to a variety of other essential services!

A large part of keeping your hotel roof and apartment roofing in good condition is annual  maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule our team to inspect your roofing at least once a year to identity problem areas and perform preventative maintenance. From new construction roof installations, to antique hotel roof restorations, our team of professionals can help you keep your property’s roofing in excellent shape.

Your Apartment and Hotel Roof Experts

Local roofers bring a certain edge when compared with out-of-town competition, as we are very familiar with roofing issues caused through our area’s climate. Due to the difficulty and complexity of apartment and hotel projects, it’s vital to entrust these services to an experienced professional. At Independent Construction, we provide services for all kinds of large roof systems, including hotels and apartment roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA. If you have inquiries about cost or the materials we use, make sure to call us at (570) 266-8208.