Single Ply Membranes

Single Ply Roofing

Some Types Single Ply Roofing Benefit from Heat-Welded Seams.

There are many options available in regards to commercial roofing solutions. Among our most efficient choices are single ply membranes, which we will elaborate on here. The title is fairly self describing, so as you can guess, these roof membranes are designed to be installed in a solitary layer of protection. We currently offer four types of single ply membranes, each with its own unique advantages. At Independent Construction, we represent the local leader for the installation, service, or replacement of single ply roofing.

Our expert contractors perform unparalleled work on the installation of these commercial roofing materials. When you decide to invest in a single ply membrane, you deserve the assurance that you’ll receive optimal service for your money. Contact the team today at (570) 266-8208 to discover more about our single ply roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, or ask us for an estimate. You can depend on our roofers for all of your home and business roofing needs!

Kinds Of Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofing

Thanks to Their Relative Economy, Single Ply Membranes Work Well on Larger Structures.

To begin, it is essential to know that different kinds of single ply roof membranes offer different kinds of results. As a general rule, however, you can rely on these systems to provide your roofing with protection from UV radiation, in addition to superior flexibility. The most often picked option from our stock of single ply membranes is the EPDM option. EPDM is commonly known as rubber roofing, and its particularly lightweight. Rubber roofing is sold in large pieces, and those large pieces often let us apply the roof in a single piece. This cuts down not only labor costs, but also the amount of seams on the roofing.

At Independent Construction we additionally provide two other industry favorites: TPO and PVC. As thermoplastic membranes, both PVC and TPO membranes have heat-welded seams for proven leak protection. PVC is one of the ideal options on the market for single ply membranes, and delivers better resilience than EPDM. When you choose single ply roofing service from our team, you can choose from the following quality materials.

  • EPDM Membrane Rubber Roof EPDM is incredibly resilient and also quite affordable, which makes it a preferred choice for most clients with flat roofing systems.
  • PVC Roofing There are several single ply membranes to choose from, but PVC is generally thought to be the best.
  • TPO Membrane Roof Among all of the options we have available, TPO provides a great balance between performance and affordability.
  • Vulcanized Rubber Roofing Vulcanized rubber roofing solutions are one of the most reliable rubber options in the roof industry.

Experts You Can Count On

Contact our professional roofers at (570) 266-8208 for cost-effective single ply roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA and the nearby areas! After a long time in the business, our experienced contractors understand the exact techniques needed to ensure your roof membrane serves you properly for years to come. If you want a reliable single ply roofing company, you can rely on Independent Construction.