Concrete Patios

a freshly-poured patio, concrete patiosConcrete patios make a great place to entertain guests outside. Since concrete is such a durable material, it will hold up to the toughest weather conditions and the heaviest foot traffic. Furnish it with weather-resistant tables and chairs, add a grill or fire pit, and you’ve got the perfect place to have parties and family gatherings! So if you happen to be interested in installation of concrete patios for your home in Wilkes-Barre, PA, or any of our service areas, call us today at 570-561-9445.

There are many options for customizing concrete patios. One way is by having it stained and sealed. Concrete can be stained almost any color to enhance your home’s appearance. It can also be stamped to replicate any texture, like laid brickwork or stonework. The only limit is your imagination!

The Benefits of Concrete

Wooden decking is beautiful, as is patterned stonework. But some lifestyles lend themselves more to concrete because of its ability to hold up under conditions that would damage other materials. Of course, toughness isn’t the only advantage concrete patios have over other outdoor living spaces.

  • Low-Maintenance – Concrete is a sort of “pour it and forget it” material. Once it’s installed, it will stay in place for many years to come. Even rough daily use won’t break it.
  • Highly Adaptable – Gone are the plain, gray slabs of yesterday. Today’s concrete can be stained, stamped, and sealed to make it highly customizable and expensive-looking (even though it’s quite affordable).
  • Comes in Any Shape and Color –  Concrete can be poured in any shape to utilize the space you have in your yard. Concrete patios can be a rectangular or square slab, or it can curve to fit the shape of your home. No longer is the standard drab gray a must. You can have your concrete mixed with a color to compliment or contrast with your home’s exterior. Anything is possible!

Your Experts for Concrete Patios

We want to give you the concrete patios of your dreams, and we will even finance it! We guarantee our work, and we provide free estimates. So when you’re looking for quality concrete services, including installation of concrete patios in Wilkes-Barre, PA and the entire surrounding area, give Independent Construction a call today at 570-561-9445.