Tile Roofing Repair

tile roofing repairTile roofing has been around for centuries and is considered by many to be one of the best roofing options on the market today. However, every once in a while yours might require some minor repairs. Luckily, you have Independent Construction in your corner and tile roofing repair is something we specialize in. We provide tile roofing repair for Wilkes-Barre, PA, and the surrounding area. Give us a call today at 570-561-9445. When you’re looking for a company that actually cares about its customers, you need us. We make sure to show each and every one of our customers how much we value you them by providing the absolute best quality services money can by. Call us now!

A Roof That Will Last

Tile roofing is one of the oldest systems of roofing in the world that is still commonly used. There is even evidence of roofing tiles being used as early as the 3rd millennium B.C., more than 1000 years before the first sword was invented. To this day, many homeowners still trust their tile roofs to protect them from the elements. Although tile will last you longer than just about anything else on the market, it will need the occasional repair to keep it functioning properly. Here at Independent Construction, we can take care of any tile roofing repair you might be facing.

Tile Roof Installation

Have you been thinking about making the upgrade to tile roofing? We can take care of that as well. Our experienced roofing professionals are well equipped to handle any type of roofing installation in or around Wilkes-Barre, PA. Give us a call today to learn more. At Independent, you’re much more than just another customer. We’re a family owned and operated business, meaning we rely on each and every one of you to provide for our families. This is why you can trust us when we say we’re going to get it done.

So if you need tile roofing installation or tile roofing repair in Wilkes-Barre, PA, you know who to call: Independent Construction. Make us your first choice. Give us a call today at 570-561-9445.