Services for Metal Roofing Shingles

Metal Roof Shingles

Metal Roof Shingles Can Emulate the Appearance of a Great Variety of Roofing Materials.

With the popularity of metal roofing on the rise, it is no surprise that there are plenty of options for you to choose from, even for residential applications. In fact, there is just as much of a variety for residential metal roofs as there is for commercial metal roofs. Let’s discuss a few of the different options for metal roof shingles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA and the surrounding areas. With such a wide array of selections, you will be able to pick out the best metal roofing shingles for your home. The roofing team at Independent Construction are experienced in all areas of roofing, and we can help with all your metal roof repairs and installation.

Why Choose Metal Shingles?

Metal Roof Shingles

Our Unbeatable Team Can Perform Exceptional Installation of Metal Shingles on Your Home.

There are several reasons to pick metal roofing in general, including higher energy efficiency, impressive longevity, unbeatable value, contemporary style, and significant durability. Metal roof shingles are one of the most popular metal roofing materials, because they offer a sleek, contemporary option for a typical roof. If you want the benefits of metal, but the appearance of a more traditional material, metal shingles are right for you. Alternately, if you want a tile or shake roof, but do not want to worry about upkeep, metal shingles provide a good alternative.

For example, you can choose lightweight, strong, and energy efficient metal shake roofing in lieu of wood shake roofing. Metal shake roofing costs about the same as wood shake shingles, but offers your house fire resistance and requires little upkeep. Metal shake roofing is only one of several options we work with, though, and we can also assist you with metal slate roofing, metal roofing tiles, and much more! Slate metal roofing is a lighter, cheaper alternative for residents who desire the appearance of a slate roof. No matter what kind of metal roofing shingles you need, our team is here to help!

Comprehensive Installation for Metal Shingle Roofing

When you are looking into installing metal roof shingles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, or when you would like to receive an estimate, give us a call at (570) 266-8208. When you have inquiries, we are available to answer them, and we can help you choose your metal shingles from the wide variety of options we have available. Call the professionals at Independent Construction for your roofing replacements, and experience the difference a skilled contractor brings to the table.