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Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Works Well on Steeply Sloped Roofs.

If you’ve decided you want a metal roofing system, and you’re looking into standing seam metal roofs, there are several options available. Among the many roof options we offer here at Independent Construction, we can supply you with your choice of mechanical lock or snap lock standing seam panels. The two types do have differences, but each share the core characteristics of standing seam: resiliency and low maintenance. At Independent Construction, we represent your local experts for the installation and service of snap lock metal roofing.

Our two available options provide similar protection, but have different installation techniques. While snap lock roofs install easily, with the lock created by hand, mechanical lock roofs require special machinery to seal. If you are curious about which options are ideal for you, give us a ring at (570) 266-8208. If you’ve already settled onĀ  snap lock metal roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, we can schedule work today!

The Benefits Of A Snap Lock Metal Roof

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

For Premier Water Resistance in a Metal Roof, You Can Count on Snap Locks.

Standing seam metal roofing systems aren’t only durable, but also a universal roofing option that can be applied on houses just as effectively as they can be installed on businesses. As the name indicates, snap lock metal panels quickly interlock and seal by snapping into one another along the seams. Generally speaking, snap lock metal roofing is primarily advised for roofs with steep slopes, but many contractors enjoy how easy they are to install. Longevity, in addition to improved energy efficiency, are common characteristics you can expect from each standing seam variety. If it sounds like a standing seam snap lock metal roof is the ultimate choice for your structure, speak with one of our metal roof experts now!

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

These roofing systems last for a very long time, and due to their durable design, it is no surprise that the upfront installation cost is slightly more expensive. In the long run, however, it is certainly worth it. These roofs do not often require repairs or maintenance, and since they endure nearly twice as long as traditional roof varieties, they can end up saving you significant sums of money.

In fact, if you’re comparing costs between metal roofing and single ply or asphalt shingle roofs, you need to multiply the latter by two, since they only endure half as long as metal. Order service for standing seam snap lock metal roofing in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA now by contacting our office at (570) 266-8208!