Installation of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

The Appearance of Architectural Shingle Roofing Can Benefit from Three-Dimensional Patterns.

The invention of architectural shingle roofing was a significant step forward for everyday roofing systems. Top-tier design capabilities stand as a single advantage of these materials, which represent a distinct offering completely dissimilar from standard asphalt shingles. At Independent Construction, we encourage anyone in need of a new roof to strongly think about architectural shingles. Architectural shingle roofs benefit a great deal from peerless installation, which we offer at Independent Construction.

Among the many positives of architectural shingle roofing, it’s tough to top the roofing material’s general effectiveness. Typical shingles usually will not stand up to the strength of the architectural variety, which are also called laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles. For all questions or requirements for service with architectural shingles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, get in touch with us today at (570) 266-8208.

Architectural Shingles and Their Advantages

Architectural Shingles

These Shingles Benefit from Multiple Layers of Material for Increased Durability.

A residence and homeowner can acquire a great deal of advantages from an architectural shingle roof. If you pick a roofing material from Independent Construction, you can expect to know any benefits that it endows. If you decide on architectural shingle roofing for your house, you ought to expect the following advantages.

Cost: The price of architectural shingles appears less than slate shingles or cedar shakes, which means it is relatively reasonable for a premium roofing option. The more substantial cost when analyzed against standard shingles gets accounted for with architectural shingles’ significantly higher durability. The reduced upkeep and rare need of replacement permits architectural shingle roofing to offset over the years the added expense of installation.

Durability: Your average shingle roof has one layer of material installed on the roofing system’s underlying surface. Multiple tiers of hardier asphalt characterizes the layering of architectural shingle roofs. While standard shingles become rated for winds up to 80 mph, the architectural variety can withstand winds up to 120 mph.

Appearance: Architectural shingles can become customized with an exceptional range of selections that may look like slate or cedar shake roofs. Architectural shingles also necessitate less maintenance than typical roofing choices.

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If you elect to spring for a new roof, your selection in roofing materials has a notable influence on the price. As you think about which roofing option to choose, think about how the exponentially better longevity of architectural shingles counteracts the raised expense of application. If you would like to find out additional information about the advantages of these shingles, phone us whenever at (570) 266-8208. Independent Construction is the superior team for architectural shingles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA.