Synthetic Tile Installation and Repair

Synthetic Roof Tiles

Our Experienced Team Can Quickly and Effectively Install Your Synthetic Tile.

Tile is an exceptional roofing choice to add elegance, durability, and dimension to your home. Unfortunately, tiles can also add weight, cost, and maintenance effort to your home. Synthetic roof tiles can offer the same beauty and durability of traditional tiles, but without the heavy weight and substantial cost. At Independent Construction, we proudly provide our clients with service for a variety of synthetic roofing materials.

The team at Independent Construction never shortchanges its customers in regards to service or materials. We provide exceptional work, because we want you to recommend us to your friends. If you’ve ever been curious about synthetic tile, or if you already have this material on your roof, trust in us for your service needs. If you would like to know more concerning the benefits of synthetic roof tiles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA, call our roofing contractors at (570) 266-8208 to schedule your consultation

Benefits of Synthetic Roof Tiles

Synthetic Roof Tiles

Our Synthetic Tiles Come in a Wide Variety of Colors and Styles.

Synthetic roof tiles can be made from many types of material, including fiberglass, acrylic, rubber, or PVC, and can outlast other roofing systems like shingles, metal, and wood. These tiles are extremely durable, and can protect from the perils of rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and even debris. Synthetic roofing tiles are known as a green roofing option, because the entire tile is recyclable at the end of its life. These tiles are substantially lighter weight than their traditional tile counterparts, and can be installed quickly, with no bracing or reinforcement required. Once installed, these tiles can last more than 50 years.

A Independent Construction Professional Installation

When you work with Independent Construction, you can be sure you’re receiving quality workmanship that you can rely on. We will inspect your roofing system and discuss your options with you. Our professionals will then help you decide whether to reroof, and we can deliver advice on the material and labor choices and times.

If you are looking for a new roof, synthetic tile provides for an excellent alternative to more expensive, standard options. They can additionally offer exquisite beauty and style, along with superior protection and resistance to environmental hazards. Call our professionals at (570) 266-8208 to get reliable details about installing synthetic roof tiles in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA.