Fast Commercial Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Service

Roofs that Have Seen Better Days Can Receive a New Lease on Life from Restoration.

Are you a commercial building proprietor stuck with an aging or damaged roof? In place of aiming straight for a commercial roof replacement, think about roof restoration service as a potential alternative. Restoration can repair a great number of problems, including damages such as cracking, split seams, ponding water, punctures, and even leaks! With the performance of a roof restoration, you will benefit from a better roof at a lower cost. At Independent Construction, we serve as your local experts for roof restoration.

It’s smartest to restore your roof early, or else it might no longer be eligible for the service. As damages progress, you will eventually have only full replacement as an option. If you are hoping to save money as well as extend the life of your current commercial roofing, call Independent Construction today for affordable commercial roof restoration service in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA! You can reach us anytime at (570) 266-8208.

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Roof Restoration Service

A Quality Roof Coating Can Even Repair Leaks.

Because of the hefty initial cost of a roofing installation, it makes sense to follow up with regular maintenance to keep your roof in good shape. Unfortunately, the aging process can only be slowed with maintenance, and not stopped completely. Commercial roof restoration or commercial roof replacement will eventually be a decision you’ll have to make.

With a cost-effective commercial roof coating, you can extend the longevity of your roofing by about a decade. This becomes possible because of how the roof coatings we utilize fix existing damages, and also prevent new ones. In fact, following those 10 years, you can apply an additional coating on top of the initial one, and enjoy an additional decade of quality roofing. The type of roof coating we utilize relies on your current roof material, along with your budget.

Affordable Commercial Roof Restoration Service

While roof coatings offer many benefits, the advantage that customers love most is the significantly lower cost. Typical roof replacements need costly roof tear-away procedures, as well as hefty disposal fees. Furthermore, since the old roof remains on top of your roof, it stays out of dumps, and enables your business to make less of an impact on the environment! Contact our roof professionals today at (570) 266-8208 to learn more about the benefits and pricing of commercial roof restorations in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Scranton, PA!