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Pittston, PAWe are proud to provide a wide variety of home improvement services to Pittston, PA, Greater Hazleton, PA, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our reputation for excellent service has made us popular among our customers, and we would love to extend the same excellence to you! Our skilled professionals specialize in all things roofing, general concrete services, and so much more! Our services are designed to meet your home contractor needs in Pittston, PA. Not sure if we offer the service you need? Check out our list of services or give us a call at 570-561-9445 for service in Pittston, PA.

Pittston, PA Roofing Repair, Concrete Installation

Your roof is much more than just a topper for your house; it’s the first line of defense the wind, rain, and hail in Pittston, PA. This job does take a toll on your roof, however. Storms, extreme heat or cold, and the passage of time chip away at your roof, leaving it less effective and more unsightly. Maintenance and repair can make sure your roof handles all that is thrown it’s way.

Missing shingles are a common problem because wind and hail can dislocate them. If your roof has spots where shingles are missing, get a professional out to your home today to fix the problem. Left untreated, the areas with missing shingles can suffer more water damage, leading to a leaky interior ceiling. Leaks can allow mold and wood rot to damage your home’s structure.

Does your front or back yard provide easy access with concrete walkways? If so, are they in good shape? Concrete can shift over time, causing cracks and an uneven surface to walk on. If the problem is too bad, it can cause a trip and fall hazard. Our local contractors are concrete specialist, giving you quality you can enjoy year after year. Call us today at 570-561-9445 to discuss concrete replacement or new installation in Pittston, PA!

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We have been proudly serving the area of Pittston, PA for more 10 years. If you would like to improve your home’s safety and appearance, give us a call today at 570-561-9445!